1251 N. Detroit Street

From WEHOville.com: “On a 4-1 vote Tuesday night, the West Hollywood City Council denied an appeal of a historic designation for a Craftsman duplex on Detroit Avenue. With this vote, the Council granted historic designation to the house and upheld an October 2019 vote by the city’s Historic Preservation Commission.”


During the public comment period, each of the four people speaking favored the historic designation.

“We owe it to what’s remaining on the Eastside to designate those properties that have enough integrity and prove to be valuable in terms of our history,” said resident Cathy Blaivas.

Meanwhile, resident Victor Omelczenko, speaking on behalf of the West Hollywood Preservation Alliance, said the city owed it to the Eastside to designate the property.

“By designating this one rare Craftsman duplex, the City Council can reconfirm its commitment to historic preservation on the city’s Eastside,” said Omelczenko.

The WHPA supported denying the appeal to rescind the historic designation on the 106-year-old building. To read the statement the WHPA submitted to the council, CLICK HERE.