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Founding Board Member Lyndia Lowy Passes

On Dec. 30, West Hollywood Preservation Alliance Pres. Victor Victor Omelczenko sent the following message to WHPA members:

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WHPA Statement on City Council Consideration of Incentives for Multi-Family Historic Resources

After a nearly four-year process, a contract expenditure of $122,000 and myriad meetings of community members and city commissioners, city staff has recommended several relatively minor recommendations to provide incentives for multi-family historic resources.  The West Hollywood Preservation Alliance (WHPA) supports the four recommendations but believes that a much more robust program could be initiated to bolster the city’s commitment to historic preservation while maintaining its supply of affordable housing.

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Upcoming Preservation Meetings

1. West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission Meeting

Date: Monday, July 23, 2018, 7:00 PM

Location: Plummer Park Community Center, Rooms 5&6

7377 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

The HPC is recommending that a nomination be prepared for local cultural resource designation for the historic Formosa Café and is considering the approval of a Mills Act (tax credit) contract for the Patio del Moro apartment building.

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WHPA Statement on the Formosa Cafe

The West Hollywood Preservation Alliance is in concurrence with staff recommendation to initiate cultural resource designation proceedings by adopting the following resolution:


The Formosa Cafe is a landmark cultural iconic resource intertwined with the legendary Hollywood history of both Elmore Leonard and authentic gangland lore. A unique resource, the cache of historic documents and photographs also remain as an interior feature. We hope West Hollywood would honor this location with a cultural resource designation.

WHPA Statement on Patio del Moro

The West Hollywood Preservation Alliance agrees with the staff recommendation to the Historic Preservation Commission that it recommend approval of the Mills Act Contract for the rehabilitation of 8225-8237 Fountain Avenue (Patio Del Moro) to the West Hollywood City Council.

We are extremely pleased that the applicant — new owner Brian Friedman — has shown a true interest in the importance of this spectacular cultural resource, so long well-maintained and restored by the McConnell family across generations.

This Arthur and Nina Zwebell masterwork is filled with charm and beauty.

We hope Mr. Friedman will continue the stewardship so important to this Southern California landmark.

Join the Effort to Designate Route 66 a National Historic Trail

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has launched a campaign to designate Route 66 as a Historic Trail:

While it’s not the oldest automobile highway in the United States, Route 66—a National Treasure of the National Trust—is likely the most enduring highway in America’s public consciousness. “The Mother Road,” as it’s often called, represents a significant moment in history that continues to define the nation’s identity: the rise of the automobile and its implications of freedom, mobility, and a uniquely American story.

To find out more and support the effort, CLICK HERE.

For Consideration by the State Historical Resources Commission

The West Hollywood Preservation Alliance (WHPA), a nonprofit community organization dedicated to historic preservation, is so very pleased to see the Crosby Building in West Hollywood being considered for the National Register of Historic Places. The WHPA collaborated with City staff and the historic preservation firm that conducted a survey of potentially historic commercial buildings in West Hollywood.

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WHPA Supports Effort to Designate State and National Historic Status for the Bing Crosby Building on the Sunset Strip

Here is WHPA’s statement supporting state and national historic status for the Crosby Building at 9028 Sunset Boulevard. The California State Historical Resources Commission is considering such status at its hearing on May 17, 2018.

Historic Preservation Commission to Consider Local Status for Paul Revere Williams’ Building on the Sunset Strip

West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission Meeting

Subject: Berman/Kohner Building at 9165-9169 Sunset Boulevard

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Plummer Park Community Center, Rooms 1 & 2

7377 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

At its meeting on March 28, 2018, the West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission will consider Berman/Kohner Building at 9165-1969 Sunset Blvd.for local cultural resource status.

This strikingly designed building served as the Sunset Strip offices for furrier Louis Berman and high-powered Hollywood talent agent Paul Kohner. The building was identified in the city’s recent survey of commercial properties as being potentially eligible for the trifecta of local, state, and national historic status. Gaining local historic status generally affords a building the greatest level of protection since land use rules tend to be very locally based.

The building was designed in the mid-1930s by Paul R. Williams, one of the most significant — and prolific — architects who worked in Los Angeles in the 20th century. His commercial projects included numerous landmarks, including the Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Arrowhead Springs Hotel, Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood and the building at Doheny Drive and Beverly Blvd. that housed Chasen’s Restaurant, among many others.

Williams also designed the residences of actors Frank Sinatra, Barbara Stanwyck, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, ZaSu Pitts, Luise Ranier, Lon Chaney and others, as well as the Sunset Plaza Apartments (1220 Sunset Plaza Dr.), which were demolished in the 1980s despite having been listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

The West Hollywood Preservation Alliance will be speaking in support of this designation and encourages all those interested to attend.

For more information, CLICK HERE [PDF].

March 10 Doors Walking Tour

Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, center, with Tere Tereba (left) and members of the Doors at Pamela’s shop Themis, 947 N. La Cienega Blvd.


This Saturday March 10, 4-6 pm. We’ll start at Tara 1342 N Laurel Ave. (Free parking passes) and walk 1 1/2 miles, from Jim Morrison’s last US residence, past Irv’s Burgers original location, Elektra Records, the site of Themis and the Doors office, with a final stop at fave hang Barney’s Beanery!

$20 ticket includes entry to Pam Curson flat and balance of proceeds benefit the West Hollywood Preservation Alliance.

Rezzies: royoldenkamp@gmail.com

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